Climate Change Training for Sustainable Farming

GRF Hublag Microfinance Foundation Inc. along with OPA and DA province conducted training for Hublag Rice Farming partners (across 7 municipalities/branches) held at Gerry Roxas Convention Center, Dayao, Roxas City.

The training was conducted by Amefil Sagge, Assistant Provincial Agriculturist/Provincial Agriculturist Rice Program Coordinator.

This activity covered:

  1. Additional learnings of new farming technologies and strategies on impact to farming as a result of climate change.
  2. Help increase harvest and income of farmer.
  3. Discussion of challenges and how to address them.

Below are the needed support for the partners to be offered as regular updates/oriention:

  1. Rice intensification
  2. IPM – pest technology
  3. AWD – Alternate wetting and drying technology
  4. Type of fertilizers
    • Minus one technique
    • Leaf color chart
    • Balanced fertilizer
  5. Soil test (STIK)
  6. Rapid composting
  7. Rice crop manager-tool
  8. Controlled irrigation

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