Adlai Demo Farm for Hublag Partners

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In the last Mancom zoom meeting dated May 13, 2022, JAR APPROVED the use of the available 2.57 hectares farm lot in Linampongan, Pontevedra, Capiz as our demo farm of adlai.

  • With this demo farm, best practices of planting adlai will be shared to all the hublag corn partners so they will be convinced to move from planting corn to Adlai.
  • Value of corn is only P9-12 pesos a kilo versus the price of Adlai at P40 pesos a kilo (unmilled).
  • HUBLAG will be the consolidator/assured buyer from partners.
  • Organic fertilizer will be used.
PONTEVEDRA. JAR’s farm to be used as Adlai Demo Farm

Training conducted last June 16-17, 2022 in Tuburan and Dumarao, Capiz, purpose of which are:

  1. To introduce to partners the Adlai, a resilient variety rice for their sustainable livelihood.
  2. HUBLAG shall serve as the aggregator/consolidator to buy at P40 per kilo.
  3. Help partners to increase income since it can be sold at P300-350 as compared with corn of P 18-19.
  4. Hublag introduce organic fertilizers thus lower production costs.